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Ménière's Disease

Herpes simplex and Herpes Zoster (the shingles/chicken pox virus) said to be a major cause of Ménière’s disease.
Natural medicine: Olive leaf extract, (fights herpes) Olive oil, L-lysine, Pycnogenol, Vitamin D, low-salt diet, Meniett device and more.

By Carl Grinde | April 11 2023
Updated April 11 2023

Herpes simplex and Herpes Zoster cause for Ménière’s disease
"A growing body of peer-reviewed, published research suggests that viruses like Herpes simplex (the fever blister virus) and Herpes Zoster (the shingles/chicken pox virus) are the likely cause of Ménière’s disease."

Herpes simplex virus and Meniere's disease

Pubmed on Meniere's disease and herpes simplex
"Conclusions: HSV is more commonly isolated from vestibular ganglia of patients with Meniere's disease than the general population."

A herpes virus infection of the inner ear is a root cause of most Meniere’s
"For Meniere’s, OLE’s ability to suppress herpes viruses is worth considering, inasmuch as a herpes virus infection of the inner ear is a root cause of most Meniere’s cases, I believe."

Meniere's Disease and herpes simplex - many natural treatments
"Studies have shown a very strong correlation between a history of HSV infection and the presence of Meniere's Disease." leaf leaf

Olive leaf extract as a Meniere’s treatment
Olive leaf extract is a very good remedy for herpes! Try it now and see what it can do for your Ménière’s disease. Cure For Viruses Leaf: Benefits and Uses
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Hydroxytyrosol from Olive oil as a Meniere’s treatment
Hydroxytyrosol is found in both Olive oil and Olive leaves.
"Due to its molecular structure, its regular consumption has several beneficial effects such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and as a protector of skin and eyes, etc."

Best high phenolic hydroxytyrosol olive oils

16 Natural Ways to Manage Meniere’s Disease Symptoms
A medical device that helps people with Meniere's disease.
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L-Lysine is helping!

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Pycnogenol helps against Meniere's disease and tinnitus
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Natural supplements for vestibular disorders
L-lysine is mentioned.

Alternative Treatments for Menieres Disease

Vitamin D and calcium against vertigo
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