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To loose weight you should cut down on sugar and wheat flour white bread and alcohol. Going Keto is a good idea. Ketogenic diet is pretty much the same as LCHF Low Carbohydrate High Fat which means that you cut down radically on carbohydrates and consume much fat. But all carbohydrates are not the same. Resistant starch is a carbohydrate that resists digestion in the small intestine. It does not make you put on weight but is beneficial for the gut microbiome and boosts colon health. Cooked and cooled potatoes contains resistant starch for example, cooked and cooled pasta and rice aswell. Make a pasta sallad or potatoe sallad. Discover Bamboo Fiber flour. It has 0,5% carbs, 98% of fiber. Think of what you drink. We drink too much sugar. It's not healthy. Also, a little excercise is always good for weight loss and well beeing in general. It's ok to say no thanks to a treat sometimes.

By Carl Grinde | September 22 2023
Updated September 22 2023

Healthy snacks for wight loss
Tahini (not to put on bread.)
parmesan cheese
weight loss treats weight loss treats

Resistant starch to loose weight, butyrate in the bargain
Resistant starch is a carbohydrate that is not digested in the small intestine. When resistant starches are digested in your large intestine it produces butyrate whis is a real super food for the intestine, feeds the good bacteria and ‟optimizes your mitochondrial function.” (Dr Steven Gundry).
Eat a little cooked and cooled potato with butter. Yummy!
Remember to thank God for all the good things he has created. Butyrate & Resistant Starch | Prof Chris Damman Ep1 Healthy gut, slim body? The Dr. Gundy Podcast

How to lose weight

Healthy food sites

Alkaline diet recipes

candida safe snacks cauliflower wings ketogenic
candida safe snacks cauliflower wings ketogenic

Candida safe snacks coconut oil chocolate erythritol
candida safe snacks coconut oil chocolate erythritol

Candida safe treats
candida safe treats

Healthy keto celery sticks with cream cheese
Healthy keto celery sticks with cream cheese

Ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate and high-fat/protein diet. It helps the body burn more fat, reduce hunger and reduce blood sugar levels.
It is basically the same thing as lchf Low Carbohydrate High Fat. It's perfect for weight loss. keto baking mixes
keto pasta Homemade Keto Spaghetti
keto low carb pizza
bamboo fiber carb-free flour
weight loss keto diet breakfast

Keto low carb bread
keto bread low carb
low carb bread mix

Bamboo Fiber flour 0,5% carbs, 98% of fiber

Healthier low carb keto desserts
keto muffin recipe
keto brownie recipe
keto carrot cake recipe
keto cheesecake recipe
vegan keto dessert
make your own keto sorbet
keto lemon curd meringue cake low carb
Keto pavlova
keto low carb bars
keto low carb desserts
zucchini chocolate keto cake keto hazelnut cream
Pyure chocolate hazelnut spread
low carb belgian hazelnut spread
keto hazelnut spread brands
keto nutella recipe low carb
keto low carb tiramisu

Lupin flour
Lupin flour is made from the flower Lupin. It has only 10% carbohydrates and 43% protein.
Lupin flour

Pea protein powder
Pea protein powder is very healthy. "It can aid muscle growth, weight loss and heart health." (

Pea protein isolate powder
Pea protein isolate powder has around 2% carbohydrates and 80% protein. Absolutely superior!
It needs to be heated to get a neutral taste.
Pea protein isolate powder

Protein chips
Protein chips

Hidden sugar in food

Hidden sugar in wine
Hidden sugar in wine

Avoid soft drinks and sodas
soft drinks and sodas
The big Gulp

M berry pills turns sour things into sweet
This is very fun. The M berry turns any thing you eat, a lemon for example into sweet. It tastes like it has been dipped in sugar. The effect lasts for 15/20 minutes.
miracle berry m berry pills

Smoothie for weight loss keto
You can add Psyllium husk to it. Or a few boiled eggs.
smoothie for weight loss keto

Psyllium husk smoothie weight loss
Psyllium husk smoothie weight loss
Buy Psyllium husk here