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The food additive Mononatrium glutamate/ MSG is one major cause for autism. MSG is included in many many foods. Avoid it. Good treatments for autism are: Sulforaphane from Broccoli sprouts, Mucuna Pruriens - Velvet bean, Reduced Excitatory Inflammatory Diet (REID), Ketogenic diet, Paleo diet, Gluten and casein-free diet, Low glycemic load diet, Omega 3 Fish oil, Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), Digestive enzymes, Essential amino acids supplements such as L-carnitine, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Probiotics. Social support and warm relations from people who really care is also essential for autism recovery. Limit sugary soft drinks, sugary foods, sodas, candy, junk food. It contains so many harmful chemicals. Limit watching TV, Ipad, Cellphone and video games.

By Carl Grinde | August 13 2020
Updated September 2 2023

Mononatrium glutamate/ msg cause for autism
MSG is included in many, many different foods. This should be avoided for people with autism.

High sources of Mononatrium glutamate, avoid it.
bouillon cube Knorr
Knorr Aromat powder

Chemist says omitting Mononatrium glutamate cured daughter's autism

Your ecosystem on Mononatrium glutamate: Katherine L. Reid at TEDxSantaCruz
Dr. Russell Blaylock: Excitotoxins - The Taste That Kills

Eliminating Mononatrium glutamate: Mother reverses autism symptoms in daughter

Excitotoxins, monosodium glutamate in foods
Glutamate functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Glutamate is also a natural part of several foods such as aged cheeses, soy, air-dried ham, walnuts, tomatoes, mushrooms, peas and even breast milk. Opinions differ, but many believe that if external monosodium glutamate is constantly supplied from the outside via additives in the food, the brain cells become overstimulated, de-stressed and eventually die.
Monosodium glutamate, msg is sold under various names so it might be hard to find on the packe label. One should distinguish between natural Glutamate that is bound to a protien and un bound, free industrial Monosodium glutamate (MSG) - the synthetic chemical that is sodium salt of glutamic acid which is absorbed more rapidly. There is one third form: naturally free that occurs naturally in food. However, many webbsites say that msg is safe. Yes, it's safe in small doses. But if you constantly get fed with msg day in day out, then it's not safe any more. It's the same with aspartame. It's also bad for health in large doses. Avoid it. How MSG Affects the Brain (good, bad, and ugly)

Glutamate imbalance and its consequences

"In excess, glutamate becomes a potent excitotoxin that overstimulates brain cells, sometimes to the point of death."

Too much glutamate can create such diseases as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease.

Dangers of an overabundance of Glutamate
Elevated Glutamate depletes Glutathione - the body's most important antioxidant.

Blueberries have been found to protect against glutamatergic excitotoxicity

Dr. Eric Berg DC Mononatrium glutamate vs Glutamate: What's the Difference? MSG vs Glutamate: What's the Difference?

What Is Glutamate? By By Jillian Levy.

Balancing glutamate and GABA is important
In addition to avoiding industrial monosodium glutamate, it can also be beneficial to avoid food with a high content of natural glutamate.

Reduced Excitatory Inflammatory Diet (REID)
This is a diet that improves neurotransmitter balance.
It excludes gluten, casein (class of proteins found in dairy), soy, corn (to a lesser extent) and food additives containing free glutamate and aspartate.

Eliminating glutamate from diet cured autism.

How Brooke's Autism Diagnosis was Reversed
Dr. Katherine Reid REVERSED her daughter's AUTISM diagnosis by completely eliminating Mononatrium glutamate from her diet.
How Brooke's Autism Diagnosis was Reversed (

Dr. Katherine Reid's videos
Stop MSG to End Autism - with Katherine Reid
Unblind My Mind – We Are What We Eat - Katherine Reid
Drastic Improvements of Autism Behaviors with Diet, a Personal Observation
LiveAware Expo (2017): Unblind My Mind, What Are We Eating - Katherine Reid, PhD

Paleo diet for autism

Gluten and casein-free diet for autism

Good diets for autism, foods to include and avoid

Sulforaphane derived from Broccoli sprouts for autism
Sulforaphane administration results for autism: substantial improvements in social interaction and verbal communication, along with decreases in repetitive, ritualistic behaviors, compared to those who received a placebo.
Perhaps this also could benefit people with Asperger's syndrome.
Powders as dietary supplements do not seem to be effective. The fresh sprouts must be used.
One advice is to give "one to three cups (depending on age and size) of broccoli sprouts every day".
Not only broccoli sprouts generates sulforaphane but other cruciferus plants as well such as Califlower sprouts, Cabbage sprouts and Kale sprouts.
Glucoraphanin and myrosinase in the plants are the precursors to Sulforaphane. Eating the plants (chewing, chopping, cutting them) creates a reaction that produces sulforaphane in the body.
Powder form does not seem to work. Buy seeds and grow your own sprouts and put in sallads, on sandwiches or make smoothies. Smoothies is perhaps most popular among children. I ate broccoli sprouts for 7 days.

"Sulforaphane also helps to reduce depression and anxiety!"

Sulforaphane Increases Glutathione

"Fresh broccoli contains myrosinase, an enzyme which, in the presence of water, converts the glucosinolate glucoraphanin into the bioactive compound sulforaphane."

Introduction to sulforaphane and its precursor glucoraphanin

Cruciferous Sprouts Are 100X Stronger in Anticancer Properties

How sulforaphane is formed
"The organic compound is created by a reaction between glucoraphanin and myrosinase enzymes that reside in plant cells. When plant tissue is broken or cut, the two enzymes interact, generating sulforaphane.
The process occurs each time you prep a cruciferous veggie. Whether you trim, chop, slice or chew"

Grow your own Broccoli sprouts, buy seeds
Buy broccoli seeds for sprouting here

How to grow your own sprouts on 5-6 days HOW TO SPROUT SEEDS | EASY GUIDE | Foolproof Method How to Grow Broccoli sprouts How To Grow Broccoli Sprouts At Home - SUPER EASY! How To Grow Sprouts at Home | 4 Super Healthy Sprouts

Mucuna Pruriens, Velvet bean for autism
This bean has a remarkable impact on autism in many different ways. Try it!
Eat with moderation, perhaps 20 week is to consider safe?
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Buy Mucuna Pruriens, Velvet bean here

Ketogenic diet for Autism
Study on National Library of Medicine says Ketogenic diet is "likely a safe and effective treatment for ASD."
Fat does not contain Glutamate.

Ketogenic diet health benefits 7 Health Benefits Of Ketogenic Diets Key Keto Foods on a Ketogenic Diet – Dr. Berg

Bake with Bamboo flour, it has only 1% carbs! And no gluten.
bamboo flour

Low glycemic load diet
Low glycemic load diet
Low glycemic index snacks

Dr. Mark Hyman | Rethinking Brain Disorders: From Autism to Alzheimer’s Dr. Mark Hyman | Rethinking Brain Disorders: From Autism to Alzheimer’s

Natural treatments for autism

Gut treatments for autism

Omega 3 and Vitamin B 12 for autism

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) treatment for autism

Buy GABA supplement here
gaba supplement

L-carnitine supplementation help for autism
"supplementing with carnitine improves language; social and cognitive skills in children diagnosed with autism"

L carnitine supplements
L carnitine supplement

Essential amino acids supplements
Essential amino acids supplement

Brain supplements
Brain supplements (

Dr. Derrick MacFabe whole page about autism

Essential amino acids - eaa foods
eaa foods

Omega 3 oil
omega 3 oil boost brain health
Buy Omega 3 oil here

Coconut oil - good treatment for autism
Buy Organic coconut oil here

MCT oil for autism
MCT oil derived from Coconut oil is good for the brain and the body. Try it in smoothies.
mct oil brain benefits

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