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Covid 19, Corona virus

Remedies and prevention: There is vaccine to take. Other things to try are: NAC N-Acetylcysteine, Colloidal silver, Chaga, Zinc, selenium, and vitamin D, vitamin C, Red Guava fruit, Oregano oil, Elderberry syrup.

By Carl Grinde | 3 January 2023
Uppdated 3 January 2023

N-Acetylcysteine to Combat COVID-19: An Evidence Review

Studies show N-Acetyl Cysteine supplement can possibly protect patients against COVID-19

NAC or N-Acetyl Cysteine boosts your immune system. Try it.
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Zinc, selenium, and vitamin D, vitamin C.
Boost your immune system with zinc, selenium, and vitamin D, vitamin C.

Red Guava fruit to fight covid-19
Potential anti-viral, anti-microbial substances in red Guava.
guava health benefits

Boost your immune system with Chaga
Chaga is worth a try if you have covid 19.
Boil the tea until it's dark as coffee.
chaga tea health benefits
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Colloidal silver - supermedicine! Antibiotics alternative
Colloidal silver is nano particles of silver in water. Colloidal silver is a supermedicine! It's an antibiotics alternative. It's very good to cure a sore throat. It kills harmful bacteria and viruses, even MRSA. Drink it, gargle your throat with it, spray it in your mouth, face, eyes. It can be used all over the body.
Since Colloidal silver cured multi resistant staphylococcus aureus - MRSA surely it is also effective against covid.
colloidal silver colds and flu

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Colloidal silver

Elderberry syrup
elderberry syrup benefits immune
Queen Elderberry Syrup
Elderberry syrup

Oregano oil
Oregano oil health benefits
Oregano oil

Vitamin c bomb smoothie
vitamin c bomb smoothie

Wash your hands
Wash your hands often. When you come home after a day in the city, wash your hands. Most infections are spread by our hands, directly or indirectly.
Don't touch your eyes, mouth or face with your hands when you are in the city.