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Natural treatments for acne: Low-glycemic-load diet, Ketogenic diet, LCHF diet, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamins E and C, Green tea, Zinc.
Avoid high-glycemic foods, refined carbohydrates, sugar.
Skin care products: Charcoal Cleansing Bar, Salicylic Acid Spray, Salicylic Acid cream, Salicylic Acid face wash, Colloidal Silver, Tea Tree Oil.
Learn about how the gut skin connection. Candida overgrowth/ Candida infection can cause acne.

By Carl Grinde | March 21 2023
Updated March 21 2023

Improve Acne with Ketogenic diet and LCHF
Ketogenic diet and LCHF is basically the same thing. You eat a lot of fat, proteins and very little carbohydrates. about LCHF diet
lchf meals

Improve Acne with low-glycemic-load diet
"Conclusion: The improvement in acne and insulin sensitivity after a low-glycemic-load diet suggests that nutrition-related lifestyle factors may play a role in the pathogenesis of acne."
Low-glycemic-load diet is very similar to Ketogenic diet and LCHF. You avoid sugar and white bread.
low-glycemic-load diet

Improve Acne with Paleo diet
Paleo diet means clean, natural food that you cook from scratch. You exclude processed, fabricated foods products. Cereals and dairy products are also avoided.
paleo diet meal plan
paleo diet benefits

‘A combination of LCHF and paleo healed my skin’

Skin-friendly foods

Avoid wheat
To much wheat is not healthy. It also makes you obese. Also, try to avoid sugar, or limit the intake.

Candida overgrowth/ Candida infection cause for acne
Candida overgrowth can cause acne. It's mostly because we're eating wrong. Then you should do a candida diet. But a candida elimination diet can also cause acne breakouts.
candida overgrowth
candida diet food list
candida diet food list

A candida elimination diet can also cause acne breakouts. It's called "Candida die-off."

Home Remedies for Acne


Etsy, Inc. Acne products

Charcoal cleansing bar, black soap
Charcoal cleansing bar, black soap

Salicylic Acid Spray, Salicylic Acid cream, Salicylic acid face wash
Salicylic Acid Spray acne
Salicylic Acid cream
salicylic acid face wash 6 Salicylic Acid Products & How To Use Them For ACNE

Colloidal Silver for Acne
You can wash your face with it and drink it. Dab it on the affected areas.
Buy colloidal silver


Side effects of prescribed acne medicines
Isotretinoin, Accutane, Roaccutane 50 unwanted side effects
Adapalene side effects: difficulty breathing side effect: suicide side effect: suicide