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Natural medicine

Natural medicine could save billions for the tax payers if it was allowed within the official healthcare system. Natural medicine is cheap, effective, proven, reliable and a predecessor to modern prescribed medicne. It often has fewer harmful side effects than prescribed medicine. Chaga mushroom for example is called the "Gift from God" and "The mushroom of immortality" in Siberia because of it's strong medicinal properties and has been traditionally used there for centuries. It fights cancer, inflammation, psoriasis, sore throat and more. It boosts the immune system. Go out in the forest and pick your own herbs and make tea and infusions. Watch these videos about divine healing by Jesus.

By Carl Grinde | August 30 2023
Updated October 23 2023

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Herbs and supplements for inner peace regardless of diagnosis or addiction
Alzheimer's, ADHD, depressed or Alcoholic? Natural medicine has so much to offer.
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