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Candida yeast infection

Are you often tired and eating much sweets, sugar, candy and junkfood? Candida yeast infection is a hidden epidemic of today. Candida infection destroys your intestinal wall and digestive canal. This weakens your immune system. You are often tired, sick and have no energy. And you crave sugar.

By Carl Grinde | October 30 2018
Updated July 4 2019

Candida yeast infection and leaky gut is a very common problem
Candida yeast infection - also called candidiasis, yeast infection, thrush or Candida overgrowth is a hidden epidemic of today. Many people have it without knowing it. The public health system is not very interested or aware of candidiasis.
Candida infection destroys the intestinal wall and therefore the state is also called "leaky gut." It destroys your digestive canal.
This weakens your immune system.

Introduction to Candida, candidiasis:
Candida Albicans bacteria is a fungus and a normal part of your body. It's a micro-organism that occurs naturally in your digestive system, stomach, colon, mouth, throat, skin, urinary tract and vagina in women. Candida bacteria is a cleansing tool that removes waste products from the body. The Candida bacteria removes and eliminates unhealthy substances during the food digestion process. A healthy body shall have this bacteria: Candida Albicans.
The problem starts when the Candida bacteria takes over and becomes to big. Sometimes the Candida fungus bacteria becomes too large. An unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle destroys the bacterial balance in your body. An unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle destroys the acidic-alkaline balance in your body. You become acidic. You get to low ph-value. This stimulates the Candida bacteria to grow uncontrollably. The Candida bacteria becomes agressive and causes candida yeast infection, also called Candidasis. You get Candidasis - a swamp infection.

Candida yeast infection, causes and symptoms: You are often sick, you often get a cold, sore throat, cough, you get recurrent infections. You are often very tired and have no energy. You don't care about what you eat. You eat unhealthy food, junkfood, sugar, sweets, white bread and wheat flour. Perhaps you stress too often and drink a lot of alcohol. All this destroys the pH balance in your body. You become acidic and Candida yeast grows too large in your gastrointestinal tract. Your digestion will no longer work normally. Your whole body is out of balance because of this. You can also get candida yeast infection through kissing, sex and intercourse. Yes, Candida infection can also be sexually transmitted (but it does not have to be). Candida infection can cause pain, fungal and itching in the genital, vagina and anal. If you have multiple sex partners, stop doing it! You can also get candida if you take penicillin or if you are on the birth control pill.

Candida infection - the background to almost all diseases! Zarah Öberg Health Advisor and Nutrition Expert (In Swedish)

Many different ways to get Candida infection

There are many different ways that causes candidiasis. It is basically about an unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy food, stress, sugar, wheat flour, to much white bread, fast food, junk food use of anti-biotics, steroids and birth control pills. A lifestyle with many different sexual partners can also cause candidiasis as candida bacterium is sexually transmitted. It can be transmitted by kissing. A promiscuous lifestyle is not healthy, it is destructive.

This happens during a Candida yeast infection
During a Candida yeast infection the Candida Albicans bacteria grows uncontrollably and gets the wrong proportions and becomes too big and aggressive. The Candida Albicans microbes attacks the intestinal wall and perforates and destroys it.
The Candida bacteria perforates the intestine and makes it porous.
Your intestine is seriously damaged.
You get a leaky gut.
Your intestine can't process the food clearly as it should.
Toxic substances, particles and waste that was supposed to pass out through the feces is instead being released straight into the blood stream.
Toxic substances, waste products released into your bloodstream 24/7!!
Toxic waste products in your bloodstream 24/7!!
A functioning bowel is an important part of our immune system when nutrient absorption takes place there.

Candidasis or leaky gut can be hard to discover since symptoms may vary from person to person. Not everyone has exactly the same or all of these symptoms but they are real and unpleasant for sure.

Here is a list of symptoms:
chronic fatigue,
cravings for sugar and sweets,
exaggerated feeling of satiety even if you have not eaten much,
poor immunity,
recurrent infections and inflammations,
frequent colds, you are often sick,
mental instability, moodswings,
forgetfulness, slow reflexes, dropping things
fumbling and concentration problems, "foggy" fuzzy feeling
cold hands and feet,
genital discomfort/pain, itching between legs,
spongy sticky feeling between the legs, armpits etc
dry mucous membranes,
itchy feeling and pain in anus,
burning sensation in stomach, pain in stomach
drooling in sleep,
allergies, hypersensitivity,
disturbance of blood glucose,
vaginal discharge,
period issues,
menstrual problems, PMS
recurrent vagina fungus infection,
hurting back, thighs and shoulders,
numbness in hands,
teeth grinding during sleep,
bad breath,
white tongue,

The Candida bacteria is too big and fills out the entire alimentary canal. Digestion and nutrient absorption is not working as they should.
You get an overload of toxins stored in the body and you become to acidic.

"Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) is a major cause of disease and dysfunction in modern society, accounts for at least 50% of chronic complaints, as confirmed by laboratory tests."

Candida yeast infection can also be sexually transmitted
If you have a Candida yeast infection then stop having sex. Don't kiss any person. Candida yeast infection is sexually transmitted.
You must live in sexual abstinence for a while. My advice for you is that you leave a promsiscious lifestyle forever, such a lifestyle will ruin your life. God condemns promiscuous sex and adultery and he will punish such things.

Here are links to Google images of Candida albicans infection. If you have it in your mouth or on your tongue, I would say it's likely that you have the infection in your whole body.
Sensitive people warned of gruesome images, even on bare genitals.
candida albicans infection Google images

Candia yeast infection major causes
bad eating habits including a lot of sugary foods
sugar, sweets, pastry
white bread, white flour, pasta, starchy foods, yeast
fast food, hamburgers, chips, pizza, coca cola
alcohol, wine and beer
penicillin and antibiotics
birth control pills
stress, lack of sleep
a promiscuous lifestyle, deep kisses
certain medications

Causes of candida infection

How to cure candida infection.
Sugar, sweets, white bread and wheat flour among the largest culprits

How to cure Candida yeast infection and leaky gut
Just face it: you have to make a real change to address the problem. There is no other way. It's worth the effort, believe me. I myself had a serious candida infection earlier but am now free and feeling good.
Start a healthy diet. Stop eating sugar, sweets, ice cream, candy, white flour, cereals, bread, sandwiches, wafers, bisquits, cookies, buns, pankcakes, fast food and junk food such as pizza, hamburgers, french fries. Don't drink: alcohol, beer, wine, fruit juices (full of sugar) and sodas, coffee, black tea (green tea is ok). Don't eat any thing that contain white wheat flour, corn, corn flour or starch. Note that pies and sausages may contain wheat flour. Do not eat either rice or potatoes. Eat absolutely no sugar or sweet products, honey, corn syrup (often found in bread) or yeast. You can eat the sweetener stevia. Do not eat cheese and milk. Don't eat preservatives and, therefore, no intermediates. Do not eat mold Protein: Is the soy margarine, soy sauce, soybean oil. Avoid antibiotics (penicillin, etc.), but not without the consent of your doctor. Don't eat ketchup, mustard, (contains sugar) pickles, vinegar. Don't eat blue cheese, moldy cheese, raisins, grapes, peanuts.
To get rid of Candidasis takes different lengths of time depending on the size of the fungus has grown. Even if you feel better already after one week of diet, the candidasis takes about one to 6 months to get rid of. If you try to do a "quick fix" and start to eat junkfood, sugar, wheat flour and drink wine again already after one week then the problems will come back directly. You must keep a strict diet for some time, some months, perhaps 3 - 6 months. This is a perfect opportunity to get good eating habits.
sprouted breads
Book Candida: Killing So Sweetly: Proven Home Remedies to Conquer Fungus and Yeast Infection
How to Overcome Candida Naturally

What to eat to get rid of Candida yeast infection
You should eat and drink things that make your body more alkaline. Things that raise your ph-level. There are many ways to do this, here are some tips.
Candida diet recipes
Candida breakfast ideas
candida diet recipes
candida diet recipes
candida diet smoothies
candida diet snacks

(If you make sweets, use birch sugar, xylitol plus Stevia. Don't use agave syrup, mashed bananas or honey. Don't use aspartame products like Canderel, Splenda or Equal)
Fudgy Paleo Beetroot Brownies
candida diet recipes

How to detox your body from Candida yeast infection
Here are tips on how to detox your body from Candida infection and to become more alkaline.
Buy capsules to detox the Candida.
FloraMend Prime Probiotic
Thorne Formula SF722
probiotics candida (
Candida cure food supplement/ capsules
Solaray yeast cleanse
candida gone supplement nutra craft
Legacy candida choice
Rainbow Light Candida Cleanse
Kandisol capsules
Candida Yeast Detox Crystal Star

Eat these things to get rid of candida yeast infection
Coconut fat
stinging Nettles
Black Walnut extract
Lemon water
Liquid Birch ash extract
Liquid Birch ash extract
Birch ash extract - powder, mix it with water
Birch ash extract - powder, mix it with water
Birch ash extract - powder, mix it with water
Cucumber water
Birch sugar
alkaline foods for de-acidification of the body ph level
Grapefruit seeds
Oregano oil
Candida away
Black cumin seed oil
Coriander essential oil
Lemongrass essential oil
Pelargonium roseum essential oil
Pumpkin seeds
Thyme oil
Black walnuts
Black walnut hull
Black walnut hull
Baking soda

The benefits of baking soda are big. It reduces the acidic level in the body and makes it more alkaline. It inhibits Candida infection.

You must keep a strict diet for about three months I would say (perhaps even longer), depending on how serious your yeast infection is. Then after doing this your Candida bacteria is in harmony again. If return to eating bad food very quick, the problems will return again.
Yes you can eat and drink lemon and lemon juice. It causes an alkaline reaction in the body. It's good. But don't use sugar.

Candida die off symptoms
Be ware of the "candida die off" effect. Make your changes slow to avoid this unpleasant reaction when all your toxins are released and cleansed out.
candida die off effect
candida die off symptoms (

The Public Health Agency's misleading and darkness about Candida Infection
The industry loves candida infection. Be their guest to be as ill as possible as long as possible so that the money rolls into the major pharmaceutical companies. Check out what lying information the public health authority is spreading about candida infection. Here's how a corrupt authority speaks:
Prevention "There is no vaccine against candidiasis and infection is usually impossible to prevent."