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Kidney stones

Kidney stones is a painful experience. They are formed in the kidneys. 80% of kidney stones are calcium-oxalate stones. Uric acid stones are common but there are also other types. Perhaps the best way to get rid of kidney stones is to take the herb Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) which means "Stone Breaker". If you have kidney stones and to prevent them you should avoid or limit foods that are high oxalates. Or eat them in the right way together with calcium rich foods such as milk or cream for example. Also avoid vitamin C supplements. Drink enough water. Eat less salt and sugar. Try DASH diet, it reduces the risk for kidney stone. Try to eat healthy and varied. Diabetes, gout, Crohn's disease and obesity are risk factors for kidney stones. Heredity also plays a role.

By Carl Grinde | September 11 2023
Updated September 15 2023

Kidney stone symptoms
Sudden pain, severe pain in the flank, dizziness, cold sweats and sometimes mild cramps, peeing often, pain during urination, blood in the urine.
The intensity of the pain depends on the size of the stone. You can also have kidney sand, gravel. If you pass a kidney stone, save it for investigation and proper diagnosis.
Since all kidney stones are not the same, it's important to find out what your kidney stone consists of (if you have one).
Oxalate crystals can also form elsewhere in the body and cause many problems.

Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) for kidney stones
Chanca Piedra means "Stone Breaker". Use it.
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Bitter melon, Bitter gourd for kidney stones
Bitter melon or Bitter gourd breaks down kidney stones naturally.
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Apple cider vinegar remedy for kidney stones
Apple cider vinegar helps dissolve kidney stones. Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Dissolve Kidney Stones Dr. Eric Berg DC

Lemon juice remedy for kidney stones
Lemon juice can break down kidney stones and also prevent them from forming in the first place.

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Potassium and Calcium for prevention of kidney stones

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Foods high in oxalic acid
The highest oxalates foods are: Turmeric, Rhubarb, Spinach, Beets, beetroot blast, Swiss chard, Cinnamon, Dark chocolate, Peanuts, Soy (Tofu), Curry powder, Ginger dried, Almonds, raspberries and more.
Eating too much of these foods can cause kidney stone. I think I've had kidney stones once and that's when I ate very much of the above. Among other things, I ate a tablespoon of Turmeric a day for several years plus lots of rhubarb, spinach, beets, almonds etc.

Eat calcium and oxalate-rich foods together
You don't have to totally avoid the food mentioned above. You just have to eat them together with calcium rich food such as milk, cream, yoghurt, cheese or plants with calcium. If you do so the oxalates binds with the calcium in your stomach and intestine and thus, "oxalates are prevented from entering the bloodstream." ( Meaning oxalates will not bind to calcium in your kidneys and form stones in your kidneys.
But if you right now have a kidney stone then the best thing is to abstain totally from high oxalate veggies for a while.

Spinach, chocolate or beet smoothie?
Add some cow millk, cream, yoghurt or plants with calcium to prevent kidney stones.

Information and diet advice for kidney stones Dissolve Kidney stones Naturally | Flush Out Kidney Stones - Dr. Vivek Joshi

Vegan sources of calcium

Veganism and kidney stones
Vegans and vegetarians do not necessarily have to abandon their lifestyle, but perhaps review which vegetables you eat, how to combine them and add calcium vegetables to your diet. Veggies are very healthy and prevent and cure diseases so you should absoloutely continue to eat them but perhaps you don't have to eat Rhubarbs, Spinach, Beet roots, Turmeric and Swiss Chard every meal.
Many actually say that a vegan/vegetarian diet can prevent kidney stones. It's all about what veggies you choose, how often and how much.
There is a way to get around the oxalate problem. "boiling spinach reduces oxalates by 87 percent, and steaming it reduces them by 42 percent. Other vegan staples such as beans and chickpeas lose significant amounts of oxalates during canning, soaking, or boiling."

Rhubarbs is very high in oxalates. They contain 570–1,900 mg oxalates per 100g. But there are low oxalate sorts also.
Eating Rhubarbs together with calcium rich food such as milk or cream reduces the risk for kidney stone.

Spinach is very high in oxalates. It has 400-970 mg/100 g. Switch to Kale. Kale has only 20 milligrams of oxalates per 100 g. Or if you want to continue with Spinach, make your smoothie with cow milk, cream or yoghurt. Make your spinach sallad with cheese. Make stewed spinach with milk. Then your less likely to form kidney stones.

Turmeric is a super herb that can cure pain among other things. But it's also very high in oxlates. It has 1900-2000 mg per 100 g. That is around 2%. Swap Turmeric for Curcumin. Curcumin is the yellow dye in Turmeric that has medinical properties. It has only 0.025% oxalates or even 0.014%.
According to some Curcumin supplements has no oxalates.
If you want to continue with Turmeric, according to one table spoon Turmeric per day is safe. (Nobody needs to be careful about curcumin, but rather about Turmeric)

Low oxalate Curcumin supplements Curcumin supplement 0.014% oxalates content.
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AFI Super Curcumin C3 Complex, no oxalates low oxalates?

Cinnamon has 1680 mg per 100 g. Avoid it if you have kidney stone or want to prevent them.
But if you eat it with milk on porridge for example or in an apple pie with custard with milk in it, it doesn't harm much. You don't eat half a kilo of cinnamon. It is tasty and has many health benefits, rich in antioxidants.

Arugula - a low oxalate alternative

Low oxalate vegetables and alternaives
Swap almond flour for pumkin seed flour, lots of proteins and tryptophan! Swap Spinach or Swiss chard for Bok choy.

Dash Diet for kidney stone
DASH Diet meal plans

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