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Nutrition is a powerful tool to overcome and prevent sickness, inflammation, pain, tiredness and more. "A good nutritional state is a prerequisite for avoiding illness and regaining health." ( Nutrients can often be superior to prescribed medicine. Curcumin, Resveratrol and Oleuropein from Olive oil are some examples. Choosing a nutrient dense food instead of empty calories and junkfood can make a big difference for your health. Cooking the food your self from scratch is the best way to get nutrition. Eat a lot of fresh (frozen) berries, fruits, nuts, chicken, salmon, fat cheese, cream, butter, rye bread. Make smoothies, it's fun!

By Carl Grinde | August 25 2023
Updated November 21 2023

Thank God for all good things
Praise the God of Israel for all the fruits, berries, plants and animals He has created that we can enjoy. God is truly amazing! Pray to Him. What's your favourite fruit? Thank Him for it.
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