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Advice for psoriasis: Take care of your gut health. Eat Chaga mushroom, Mediterranean diet, Probiotics, Pagano Diet, Candida diet, Coconut oil (both internal and external), Horse millk (Equilac capsules), Omega 3 Fish oil, Curcumin, Avocado and vitamin B12 cream, Oregon grape.
Skip refined white flour and refined sugars.
Some medicines can cause psoriasis. Read the package insert.

By Carl Grinde | January 25 2023
Uppdated January 25 2023

Chaga mushroom for Psoriasis
Chaga is a mushroom that grows on Birch trees. In Mongolia and Siberia it is called the mushroom of immortality.
Chaga mushroom suppresses both autoimmunity and inflammation. It's good for psoriasis.
Take four tablespoons of Chaga powder i two liters of water. Boil for one hour. Then the tea is black and ready. Drink it hot or keep in fridge to drink it cold.
Take it with coconut oil and perhaps a little honey. Drink one cup a day. You can try to use it on the skin also.
Combine Chaga with eating Coconut oil.
more on Chaga here
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Natural treatments for psoriasis

Candida overgrowth cause for Psoriasis
"A Candida overgrowth is one of the main Psoriasis Causes."
Yes, There is a link between Candida infection and psoriasis. If this is the case for you, you should start a Candida diet. The word Candida comes from Candida albicans the name of the bacteria. It's actually a normal part of your bacterial flora. But during a Candida infection it has become too large and agressive. It needs to be re-balanced.

"Our results reinforce the hypothesis that C. albicans is one of the triggers to both exacerbation and persistence of psoriasis" (pubmed)

Candida diet list of foods to eat and avoid
candida diet list

Probiotics for psoriasis

Mediterranean diet for psoriasis

Foods to eat and food to avoid if you have Psoriasis

Dead sea salt or Epsom salt for psoriasis

Horse milk against Psoriasis

Fish oil supplement for psoriasis
"Fish oil supplement has been advocated for treating psoriasis which is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis"
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Pagano Diet for Psoriasis
Pagano Diet images

Eat to Beat Psoriasis with Dr William Li

Dr. William Li

Healing Psoriasis From The Inside Out with Dr. Todd LePine

Cured by probiotic foods

Probiotic foods to eat
Probiotic foods is good for your gut health.
probiotic foods list

Multi strain biotic strain biotic

Bad gut health, candida linked to psoriasis
"One study showed that Lactobacillus paracasei helped to significantly reduce skin inflammation and accelerate the recovery of healthy skin."
"There is also evidence that Bifidobacterium infantis may be beneficial for people with psoriasis."
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DO THIS To Heal Your Psoriasis TODAY! | Dr. Todd LePine & Mark Hyman

CLINIC: How to heal Psoriasis naturally

Coconut oil for psoriasis
"Coconut oil can help soften and loosen the scales"

Psoriasis cured by Coconut oil
Started ingesting coconut oil in her daily diet, the psoriasis cleared up within two weeks and have not returned."
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Essential oils for psoriasis

Avocado and vitamin B12 cream
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Oregon grape
"Oregon grape may also slow the overproduction of skin cells in diseases such as psoriasis."
It can be used both internal and external in creams.

Oregon Grape Cream

Capsaicin cream for psoriasis
capsaicin cream

Drug-induced psoriasis
"Drugs linked to psoriasis include lithium, anti-malarials, quinidine, and indomethacin."

Drug-induced psoriasis: clinical perspectives
"Certain drugs have been linked strongly to psoriasis. Examples of these include beta-blockers, lithium, antimalarial drugs such as chloroquine, interferons, imiquimod, and terbinafine"

Psoriasis and liver disease

Herbs to support your liver turmeric milk thistle
herbs to support your liver turmeric milk thistle

Turmeric eases suffering from Psoriasis creams with curcumine

Psoriasis cream with beeswax, shea butter honey
psoriasis cream with beeswax, shea butter honey

Mineral shower handle for psoriasis
Mineral shower handle for psoriasis

Cure Psoriasis using Alma Nissen's method
Alma Nissen ran the health home Brandal, Södertälje for 30 years and 10000 paitents visited her.
She let her patients shower with pajamas on and then wrapped their bodies (except the head/ face) in plastic wrap and let them sleep like this, in the wet pyamas during the night. Next morning she removed the plastic. The scabs had now dissolved. Then she let her patients take a shower and helped them to scrape and rinse off the scabs with a sponge. Then she wiped them dry. After this she smeared the affected areas with a lotion made out of olive oil and crushed garlic. She also advocated a vegetarian diet. She made decoction in water and potatoes and she let hes patients drink the liquid that remained, flavored with some herbs, absolutely no salt. She also prescribed a strict fast combined with quite a lot of garlic.
Her methods worked. And she gave her patients an alkaline diet.
Bathing for 8 hours should be an alternative to sleeping with wet pyamas.

Potato water and garlic against psoriasis
Alma Nissen's book "This is how I cure rheumatism, gallstones, psoriasis, eczema, asthma, migraine, etc."
3 liters of water, 6-8 potatoes, cut into ½ cm slices. Boil the potatoes for 1 hour. The water should be alkaline. No salt. Strain and pour into jugs. Drink 1-1½ liters every day. Store the jugs in the fridge.
Garlic capsules. 9 capsules per day. 3 after breakfast, 3 after dinner, 3 when you go to bed. Actually, you should eat 30 cloves of garlic every day. This, together with raw food, vegan diet is Alma Nissen's recipe for curing all disese.
Alma also gave her patients flaxseed which protects the gastrointestinal tract and helps restore and healthy intestinal flora. This allowed them to eat so much garlic. Nissen's book

Psoriasis causes
Several things are listed here, including certain medications, including lithium, prednisone, and hydroxychloroquin.

Side effects of Psoriasis medicines
possible side effects include: Depression, Dry, cracked skin or lips, Hair loss, Joint pain, Nosebleeds, Trouble seeing in the dark.

Medicines that can cause Psoriasis
Even psoriasis medicines can cause psoriasis.</a