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About Faith and Nutrition


Carl Grinde here, founder of
I have previously made the sites, (approx. 2010-2020) and is a remake and a continuance of that was down for two years.
I am a Christian, 48 years old and love life in Jesus Christ and live in the hope of eternal salvation with God.
At 40 years of age I left the homosexual lifestyle. It was hard but God has given me the gift of celibacy.
My life has been a struggle the latest two years, have been through several psychoses in 2020-2021 and been hospitalized for a few rounds, have received a diagnosis.
So life is not that simple but quite hard often. I don't like to be lonely. It would be fun to meet someone who wants to go cross-country skiing or slalom.

I blog because I think it's fun to make websites and work with graphic design, I want to spread my faith in Jesus Christ and I want to help others who suffer from mental illness, addiction or other illnesses.

I hope you enjoy the site a lot and above all I hope you get to know Jesus Christ, the son of God. There is a God. God exists. He loves us, He loves you.

A little happy surf here.

Apostle Ngnangock: My Visitation To Heaven

Sebastian Stakset Kärleken övervinner allt (Love conquers everything)

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The photos show the surroundings of Högfors in northern Sweden, where I live.
God's peace.


Högfors Oktober 13 2022

Things God has done in my life lately

2023-07-15 I was baptized (full immersion in the water) in Storsjön out on Frösön island by pastor Georges Banjo Badesire from the revival church in Östersund. It was a nice event, some friends were there as witnesses. It felt like the baptism brought me closer to God even though I was also baptized as a baby before and done confirmation at the age of 15. It feels good to be baptized when I have chosen it myself. Thank you God!

2023-08-01 (approximately) We have had 8 cows that have gone and grazed in the forest and on the meadow outside our house this autumn. It's something I've wanted for a very long time and they felt like a blessing from God. Thank you God!

2023-09-04 I was at an LP meeting (Pentecostal meeting for alcoholics, open for everyone, mixed crowd). Then it felt like God said to me in thought: "Carl, do you understand what I have done for you?"

2023-09-16 The computer mouse fell on the floor and did not work afterwards. The red LED under the mouse did not light up. I briefly prayed that God would heal the mouse. Then went off to a storeroom to search for a new mouse. Found none. Went back to the computer and then the mouse worked again. Thank you God!
My favourite website was down. Got an error message when I entered the page. I prayed that God would fix the site. A moment later, the page worked again. Thank you God!

2023-09-18 I could not post the entire page about ADHD on the site. Just a part. I then saw that some of what could not be posted was corrupt code, i.e. wrong code. It would have gone wrong and looked weird if I had posted it. I fixed the errors in the code and then it was immediately possible to publish on the web.
Thank you God.