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Essential oils for inner peace

Essential oils is an excellent way to calm down and get inner peace.
There are so manny Essential oils to try.
Use an inhalor pen. You can carry it with you.

By Carl Grinde | Date: March 8 2023
Updated March 8 2023

Petit Grain Essential oil
Petitgrain essential oil has a relaxing effect and relieves depression, stress, anxiety, anger, and fear. It's also said to help with insomnia.
"It uplifts the mood and induces positive thinking." (

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Essential Oils for anxiety
Essential Oils: Lavender, Chamomile, Orange, Sandalwood, Clary sage, Lemon, Bergamot, Jasmine, Ylang ylang, Neroli, Rose

Aroma theraphy

Essential Oils for better sleep
Sweet Marjoram, Lavender, Lemon, Yuzu, Bergamot, Ylang ylang, Clary sage, Jasmine,
essential oil sleep blend

Essential oil inhalator pen
Essential oil inhalator pen

Essential oils for massage
You can also use it in massage oils. Be careful, Essential oils are very strong. A few drops is enough.
For massage, don't put Essential oils directly on your skin, they corrode. Use a carrier oil such as Coconut oil, Olive oil or Almond oil.