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Basil seeds, Sabja seeds

Is Basil seeds or Sabja seeds the new Chia? According to Dr. Gundry the answer would be yes. He says Basil seeds don't have Lectins which he and others consider harmful. Basil seeds are also known as Sabja seed, Falooda seed, sweet basil seed or Turkmaria seed. They contain magnesium, iron, Vitamin K, fibre and protein and help with weight loss, decreases body heat, controls blood sugar levels, helps digestive health, relieves constipation and bloating, treats acidity and heartburn, cures cough and flu, is good for hair and are anti-inflammatory. The nutrient uptake increases if you crush the seeds and consume it like flour. But seeds pudding is so pretty.

By Carl Grinde | November 4 2023
Updated November 4 2023

Basil seeds, Sabja seeds Dr. Gundry about Chia seeds, Lectins and Basil seeds
Basil seeds smoothie
Basil seeds pudding
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