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So can the superfood make you sick. Oxalic acid in vegetables causes kidney stones.

It's amazing how many highly nutritious fruits, herbs and vegetables there are that can prevent and cure disease. It is often pure medicine for the body. But if you combine certain superfoods in the wrong way and also have a very high intake for a long time, you can get sick. For example, you can get kidney stones, which are terribly painful. Why can you get kidney stones from vegetables? Because some vegetables are very high in oxalic acid, e.g. spinach, turmeric, Swiss chard, spinach, rhubarb, almonds etc.
I am linking here to Sally K. Norton's website which is very informative on the subject.
You can also get unpleasant symptoms if you stop taking oxalates too suddenly, so-called oxalate dumping.

By Carl Grinde | October 26 2023
Updated October 26 2023

Symptoms of kidney stones
Sudden pain, severe pain in the flank, dizziness, cold sweats and sometimes mild cramps, often needing to urinate, pain when urinating, blood in the urine.

Foods that contain a lot of oxalic acid
The foods that contain the most oxalic acid are: turmeric, rhubarb, spinach, beetroot, beet pulp, Swiss chard, cinnamon, dark chocolate, peanuts, soy (tofu), curry powder, dried ginger, almonds, raspberries and more.
Eating too much of these foods can cause kidney stones. I think I've had kidney stones once and that's when I ate a lot of the above. Among other things, I ate a tablespoon of turmeric a day for several years plus a lot of rhubarb, spinach, beetroot, almonds etc. At the end I was also vegan for about two years.

Combine the vegetables with milk, cream, cheese or yogurt and reduce the risk of kidney stones
Vegans who never combine greens with milk, cream or yogurt are at greater risk of kidney stones. For example, if you eat rhubarb together with milk or cream, the absorption of oxalic acid is reduced by about 70%, I have read. If you stew the spinach with milk, it also probably reduces the risk of kidney stones or if you eat beetroot soup with cream in it.

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