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Kombucha is fermented tea and contains antioxidants and vitamins that protect your cells. Kombucha can boost immunity and supports a healthy gut. Kombucha has antibacterial properties against and Candida yeast infection. Kombucha may reduce heart disease risk, help boost metabolism, may aid constipation and may aid depression treatment. Kombucha prevent the growth and spread of cancerous cells. Kombucha reduces blood sugar levels and improves liver and kidney function. Kombucha reduced liver toxicity in rats by 70%! Buy bottled Kombucha or make your own. Some bottled kombucha drinks contain to much sugar. Choose o lower sugar alternative.

By Carl Grinde | December 19 2022
Updated December 19 2022

Pubmed: "Kombucha, the fermented tea, has strong antioxidant properties"

Best low sugar kombucha

Zero sugar kombucha.
They ferment their tea until the sugar is all gone.

Kombucha brands low sugar
Kombucha brands low sugar

Best kombucha brands

Make you own Kombucha to Make Kombucha with Kilner® & Real Kombucha
how to make kombucha