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Bipolar disorder - manic depressive

Bipolar disorder means that you are manic and depressed at different times. (
I recommend Lithium Orotate and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.
You can also try saffron, St. John's wort and passion flower.

By Carl Grinde | September 26 2022
Updated November 2 2022

What is Bipolar Disorder?
Bipolar disorder is the modern name for what used to be called manic-depressive disorder. The disease causes fluctuations between, on the one hand, periods of overactivity and an intensified emotional life, and on the other hand, periods of reduced energy and depression. Without treatment, the disease is often serious and disabling. (
There are several treatments that can help you feel better and can help you get well.
My first advice is to seek help in prayer and fellowship with God the father and his son Jesus Christ.
God loves you! He created you because he wants a friendship relationship with you.

Mediterranean diet
Mediterranean diet counteracts depression according to research. It also reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Pubmed
Mediterranean diet
mediterranean diet feta cheese salad

TMS - transcranial magnetic stimulation
Magnetic stimulation of the brain can cure depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. The technique is called tms - transcranial magnetic stimulation. TMS treatment has few and mild side effects. This seems to be the future of psychiatry and something that can help many. med

Transcranial magnetic stimulation for Bipolar Disorder
Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a promising approach for treating patients with BD who have failed to respond to pharmacological or psychosocial treatment. " pubmed pubmed

TMS effective and safe for individuals with bipolar depression
"Studies have demonstrated that TMS is an effective and safe intervention for individuals with bipolar depression, as long as parameters are being watched closely."

TMS can be quite effective in treating BD, at least in depression symptoms

New treatment for Bipolar Disorder
"This study showed that bipolar patients respond well to rTMS as maintenance therapy."

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) reduces the symptoms of depression in those living with bipolar
"Research has shown that Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) can reduce the symptoms of depression in those living with bipolar."
"TMS is a safe and effective alternative to traditional treatments, with fewer side-effects than medication and no anaesthetic, no need for hospitalisation and no recovery time."

rTMS improves mood in bipolar depression: a placebo-controlled case report

TMS clinics world wide

The usual way to treat bipolar disorder is with Lithium. It helps many and is a good treatment but it also has some side effects.
Lithium is found in the diet, mainly in cereals and vegetables including peppers.
"Using data for 27 Texas counties from 1978-1987, it is shown that the incidence rates of suicide, homicide, and rape are significantly higher in counties whose drinking water supplies contain little or no lithium than in counties with water lithium levels ranging from 70-170 micrograms/L."

Lithium Orotate
Lithium Orotate consists of orotic acid and Lithium and can cross the blood-brain barrier more effectively than regular Lithium and it is available without a prescription. It is a good treatment for mood disorders, hyperactivity, anxiety, panic attacks, behavioral health problems such as bipolar disorder, and treatment-resistant depression with suicidal thoughts.
Lithium orotate treatment should be about 5 mg to 20 mg per day. Some recommend starting with 5 mg and then increasing to 20 mg. But maybe 5 mg is enough? Treatment with lithium orotate is likely to avoid all the negative side effects that come with traditional lithium treatment ranging between 300 mg, 600 mg or 1200 mg per day.
lithium orotate supplement

Candida fungal infection
Candida fungal infection is about getting the wrong bacterial balance in the stomach, mainly due to bad eating habits. You can also get a candida infection if you have taken antibiotics or have been drinking to much alcohol. Kissing can also transmit candida infection. Signs of candida infection are constant fatigue, mood swings, sugar cravings, acid reflux, white coating on the tongue, stomach and bowel problems, fungus in the vagina, rectal itching.
Tips of how to cure stomach problems like sibo and Candida yeast infection with a healthy diet.

Foods to eat and foods to avoid if you have candida yeast infection
candida snacks
candida safe eats
candida safe eats pancakes

Fermented foods - medicine for the stomach

Saffron has a well-documented antidepressant effect
Saffron is a good and safe treatment for depression and mental illness. It also has many other medicinal uses.
Saffron supplements
saffron supplement

St. John's wort
St. John's wort is a good medicine for anxiety and depression. You can eat capsules or drink herbal tea with it. It is really effective.
St John's wort tea
John’s Wort supplement

Passion flower dietary supplement
Passion flower is a very good medicine for depression and anxiety. It also improves sleep.
"Passionflower has the potential to alleviate some symptoms of neuropsychiatric origin. No adverse effects, including memory loss or collapse of psychometric functions, have been linked to passionflower administration. The anti-anxiety effect of Passiflora incarnata is comparable to drugs such as oxazepam or midazolam. Consequently, it seems to be an effective and safe pharmaceutical to reduce stress reactivity, insomnia, anxiety, and depression-like behaviors." Pubmed
Passion flower dietary supplement

Lion's mane
Lion's mane is a mushroom that is also called hedgehog mushroom. It is anti-oxidative, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory. It improves nerve growth both in the brain and throughout the body.
Lion's mane has a potential role as a complementary and alternative medicine for the treatment of depression according to scientific studies.
lion's mane dietary supplement

L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. It is effective to use for anxiety and depression.

"Conclusion: Our study suggests that chronic (8-week) l-theanine administration is safe and has multiple beneficial effects on depressive symptoms, anxiety, sleep disturbance and cognitive impairments in patients with MDD." pubmed
L-Theanine supplement